Kristin Hersh – Engine Rooms

Beginning her UK tour in Southampton, Kristin Hersh is still creating music which leaves you transfixed by her powerful sunny blue-eyed gaze and mesmerising voice.  Supporting throughout the tour, fellow Throwing Muses’ Fred Abong opened […]

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John Grant – Southampton Guildhall

After a stormy day in Southampton, it was heartening to hear John Grant play to a warm crowd this weekend. Through his memorable lyrics, John’s wicked songs tackle deeply personal issues ranging from depression, to […]

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Common People 2016

Common People is one of the first festivals of summer calendar and undoubtedly, a tough event for others to follow. With thousands invading Southampton grassy common, the eclectic bill offered something for everyone. The bank […]

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Maz O’Connor

Listening to the live lunch at Salisbury Arts Centre, it was impossible not to be gripped by Maz O’Connor’s unique sound, with her enthusiasm and charm bringing life to classic folk songs. It was little […]

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Broken Brass Ensemble

Broken Brass Ensemble Salisbury Arts Centre – Friday 22 January The Broken Brass Ensemble came to the Salisbury Arts Centre on Friday, mixing the traditional New Orleans sound with contemporary funk, dance and an abundance […]

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Ben Ottewell (Gomez)

Ben Ottewell, the singer from Gomez, took to the stage at The Joiners as part of his strippeddown solo tour. Without his Mercury Music Award-winning bandmates, Ben’s unmistakable gravelly baritone voice was more than sufficient […]

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Blissfields Festival

After the unfathomable Glastonbury festival shenanigans the previous weekend, it was refreshing to head to a smaller festival, somewhere in time…or Winchester as it is more commonly known. Blissfields demonstrated why smaller festivals are always […]

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Common People Festival

The role of a critic at a music festival is a tricky one. Why, I hear your heart bleed? Well in the words of Mark Kermode, the reviews most people remember are always the negative, […]

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Mahotella Queens

The Mahotella Queens – Salisbury Arts Centre Thursday 23 July   Prior to their appearance at Womad Festival, the Mahotella Queens came to Salisbury with their colourful African beats. Mixing high energy rhythms with uplifting […]

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Gruff Rhys

Following on from the success of the movie of the same name, Gruff Rhys transported his ‘American Interior’ tour over the Atlantic to Salisbury. In anyone else’s hands, the show could have been a dusty […]

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